About Me

This Coach Cares About You!

Tonia Davis is a certified Life Coach who also has a Masters Degree in Business.Tonia is a motivator, encourages, and promoter of people, which made her decision to be a Life Coach easy. Actually, she has always been a “Life Coach” before it was a title. Tonia believes being a life coach is not about having all the answers. Whether it is concerning business, relationship, or personal growth, Tonia can help you discover what you want. The reality is no matter who you are “LIFE HAPPENS!" Tonia understands there is no one else that knows YOU better than YOU. All the answers are inside of you and her coaching techniques help bring to light; awareness, clarity, motivation, and confidence. Her desire is to see individuals be the very best they can be! She believes there is a hidden treasure and greatness inside all of us. Partner with Tonia and discover the real you through making different choices!