I was in a very interesting place in my life. Somewhere new to me, somewhere I hadn’t been before. I was in desperate need of a mentor, a life coach to help me align things in my life, so that I could start a business and accomplish the goals that I set out for, years prior to getting so comfortable in my life. This mental space I was in left me drained and feeling unworthy of accomplishing goals I had set out.
I then met Tonia Davis in a working environment. I could tell from the moment I met her, she would be the person who could assist me with moving things forward in my life. Being around Tonia was like having a breath of fresh air. She was filled with energy, inspiration, and excitement, and I wanted to know how to get to that place in my life. After speaking to her, she suggested that I met with her privately for life coaching. The aforementioned occurred about five months ago; I have been receiving life coaching ever since.
I was in a period of transition; wanting to quit my current position and start a business/brand of my own, get connected with God, a and live a more fulfilling life. After speaking with Tonia the first time, she walked me through each step that I should take in organizing my goals and objectives. Then, she assisted me with prioritizing my goals and setting realistic dates to reach/accomplish those goals. Afterwards, we would meet-up to discuss where I was and how I felt about what I had accomplished. To me, these meeting where the most important, as I looked as these as “accountability meetings”. Tonia motivated me in more ways than I could have ever imagined. After five months of assistance, I’ve taken steps to get closer to God (as this was my most important goal), started and launched my business, and I have a more positive outlook on life and the steps I am taking to accomplish my goals. Tonia has not only been a coach to me, but has become a good friend, someone that I can truly depend on to help hold me accountable for the things I say that I will accomplish. I have suggested her coaching sessions to many friends and family members, as they always ask, “what has changed”. My answer is always, “the people around me have changed and I have someone supporting and motivating me as I take subtle steps to change my life”. Thank you Tonia! I would still be at my corner desk “dreaming” if it were not for you. As she would always say “Think, believe, and dream big and this will help make the 180 change in your life-it’s your life, change it”!
-Danyelle E.

She would say to me, "That'll be $39.95!" This sentence has become a running inside joke between my incredibly wise buddy and me. Tonia Davis and I started out as colleagues but ours grew to a deep-level friendship because of my feeling safe enough to share my heart's secrets with her. Tonia walked me through several very difficult family issues empathetically allowing me to vent. Even as I revealed my own personality flaws, Tonia would hear me, yet never judge me. Once I was 'cleansed' by her counsel, and prayer, refreshed and renewed to a place of laughter, (Tonia is hilarious too), I would express my deepest gratitude. Her light-hearted response, "That'll be $39.95!" I owe her many $39.95's and she would never accept a dime from me. But "a workman is worthy of his hire" so as Tonia embarks upon this purpose-driven journey coaching others like myself, remember "$39.95" was just a joke!  To me, Tonia Davis's coaching ability is priceless!
-Denise M.